About Us/Our Mission

A Mother & Daughter team - Our family farm has been growing Berries and flowers for over 25 years. 

Bibiane Sproule: Owner/Formulator for Lavender Cottage Skincare Products

Diploma from School of Natural Skincare with specialty training in Natural Skincare Formulation as well as Botanical Skincare Course with Herbal Academy.


Breanna Sproule: Grower/Graduated From University of Guelph as a Certified Horticulturist and Botanical Skincare Course from Herbal Academy.  She loves to create natural soaps, assists in formulating natural skincare products and in the growing of the Botanical & Lavender Gardens.



Lavender & Herb Farm


Lavender Cottage Naturals is a Natural Skincare line created on an organic farm in Lister, British Columbia. Our goal is to create the highest quality skincare products using “plant extracts your skin will love.” Safe for sensitive skin. Through distilling our lavender and herbs we use the essential oils and hydrosols (floral waters) in our formulations. We also infuse the botanicals and herbs in high quality oils, that nourish, heal, hydrate and moisturize your skin. Beautiful and Natural – From Plant To Skin. Carefully handmade in small batches, contained in tinted glass ensures purity and freshness of products.

  • No fillers or harsh preservatives (we use natural certified preservatives)

  • Paraben-free (safe to use for sensitive skin)
  • Sulfate-free

  • No synthetic chemicals

  • Not tested on animals

Bibiane & Breanna Sproule: Owners, Founders & Creators